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  • The North Star Chapter VIII: The Invitation From Above

The North Star Chapter VIII: The Invitation From Above

For a contents of all North Star Chapters Please See Here The next morning, Sophie was awoken abruptly by the uncontrollable buzzing of her phone by her bedside. Vibrating heavily…

Who are the Redcaps? The Monsters from Northumbrian Folkore Featuring in the North Star

If you’ve been reading the North Star, you’ll be well aware that the series has frequently featured a set of monsters who are called “Redcaps“. Depicted as man-like monsters with…

EXCLUSIVE: Saint Etienne to Play in Sunderland in November this year

London based dance and indie pop band Saint Etienne are set to play in Sunderland in November this year, according to the band’s official website. The venue is yet to…

COMPETITION: Design the North East’s Next Superhero

The North Star is the first ever superhero created and designed not only for Sunderland, but North East England. As our series unfolds, we’re seeing how Sophie Scott of Thorney…

Can You Work Out the Answer to the Gadgie’s Riddle? Where is he Talking About?

If you have just read the latest installment of The North Star, the Curse of the Gadgie, you will be aware that the heroes upon seeking out the feared East…

Who is Glanfeoil? The Yet Unrevealed Antagonist of the North Star is Sunderland’s Answer to Voldemort

If you’ve been keeping up with the North Star Series here on Sunderland Global Media, you’ll be aware that there is increasingly a major villain in reference who has not…