2nd Farringdon Blue Plaque Proposed for Former Farringdon Club Building

Local history organization Farnton.org have opened the year by announcing they will be investing in a 2nd heritage blue plaque for the estate of Farringdon, after successfully having installed the first one last November.

As part of the proposed “Farringdon Masterplan“- the group plans in the long run to invest in up to six plaques concentrated around the Anthony Road area of the estate commemorating its history and the local figures who lived on the area throughout the centuries, inspired by a similar effort in Silksworth.

The group is eyeing the former Farringdon Club Building, previously reopened as a Herons supermarket, as a destination for the 2nd plaque which will celebrate the life of Robert Jakson, a medieval bailiff and coroner who lived on Farringdon in the 1400s.

If you know the owner of the building and would like to help get in touch to push this project forward, please get in touch!