A Hilarious SAFC reference appears on Netflix’s Red Rose by surprise, and you’ll want to see this

Red Rose is a Netflix horror series. Debuting last year, the series is set in Bolton and Greater Manchester and details the story of a group of school leavers who discover a murderous Smartphone app known as “Red Rose” that compels its users to die in suicide like predicaments. The series has been highly rated by critics, and is obviously a social commentary on smartphone addiction and toxic social media culture amongst young people.

However, for Sunderland fans, the series has a big and unexpected surprise. In the 3rd episode of the series, a shock SAFC reference pops up in an extremely unlikely circumstances. At 38:59 minutes, one of the main characters goes into an unpleasant public toilet filled with graffiti, and behind him on the wall is coincidentally written “6 IN A ROW, FTM” an SAFC slogan which gloated about the club’s six successive victories over Newcastle United from 2013 to 2016.

As of present, it remains unclear as to whether this is an extreme coincidence or was a deliberately placed reference by one of the producers. Although not made by a Sunderland company (it is in fact a BBC production), and based around Bolton, it seems if it was deliberate, we may have an SAFC fan involved with the production of this story somewhere who on creating art for the set, slipped that message in.