An Urban Explorers Team Entered the Abandoned EastEnder Pub, Here’s What they Found

The Eastender pub, which as its name suggests, is a former public house based in the East End of the City of Sunderland. Situated on High Street East, the bar closed at some point in the past couple of decades as the area became increasingly quiet. The pub was the scene of a notorious confrontation in 1997 between bouncer Ernie Bewick and Tony Waters, which resulted in the latter being killed.

Since closing, the building of the pub has remained derelict, with no apparent plans for its sale, renovation or demolition.

Recently, an urban explorers team took it upon themselves to explore the old EastEnder pub building. Here’s what they found.

Abandoned Pool Table
Still many trophies in this cabinet…
Couldn’t imagine paying £2.90 for a double whiskey now…
A pint glass frozen in time
Two Quid pints? This must be ancient
Quite the clutter..
“Like Josephs when the cleaner arrives on the morning”- comment on Facebook
Lots of old kegs, and a shopping trolley?
The furnishing of the place is relatively intact, just dirty
The light shineth out of the darkness