Appeal for footage after collision on Durham Road, Herrington on Saturday

A family is appealing for CCTV footage after their car was written off in a serious collision on the Herrington segment of the Durham Road.

The incident, which happened at 10.30am on Saturday morning, involved a man and his eight year old daughter.

The other driver was illegally driving uninsured, and with an expired license, police also believe he was speeding.[0]=AZUY8bcnasbnLQm3YyQbUiVBQp2ay-mmtiLNXCARWNDhPfydchVAJWk4zIhXSaOk34ALDQiEVOjhOJfkRbX5hWMwyTj-0JFsDOiY3GwDxIG0o2vYEF-VOdYa98rsbBSC-6bCiHqRx-fi9IJPc4UHZ20VLljgMnrv-r7VRKTHVDKBZ4nSiJjJiWZICt35vooOPmFpe5i8qbNdGMm5jNydW7ho&tn=%2CO%2CP-R