Australian Award Winning Producer Praises The North Star for its “thought-provoking and emotionally impactful” concept

An Australian filmmaker, described as an “award-winning producer”, member of the Australian Academy (AACTA) and Screen Producers Australia, described the upcoming North Star movie as having “all of the ingredients to be a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful entry to the modern superhero lexicon“.

The producer, who has asked not to be named, provided a professional industry consultation of the 97 page screenplay authored by SGM and offered critical feedback in how to take it forwards and further develop the script.

In setting out the consultation, provided in a comprehensive document, the producer described the picture as utilizing “a blend of historical, fantasy and ‘coming of age’ drama elements, to explore the thematic premise that ‘true power comes from friendship’” and noted the “story is dynamically visualised with some visually strong and energetic action

In offering a rating for the respective screenplay, the producer rated the concept of the North Star as being in the top 30% of screenplays viewed (70%/100) and its characters as (62%/100).

The movie, also being consulted by New Enterprise Studios, based in Southwick, is already scouting its first auditions for prospective characters, and if finalized, will be the first ever epic-fantasy and superhero genre film set in Sunderland and the North East of England.