Australian Couple Slammed as “Bad Parents” for spending $8000 on a “McDonald’s themed” Birthday party for their Baby

An Australian couple has responded to online critics who called them “bad parents” for throwing an extremely expensive McDonald’s themed birthday party for their one-year-old daughter.

Maggie, 35, and her electrician husband Kieran, 36, organised a house party for 100 guests – complete with an inflatable slide, ball pit, slushie machine, an infant play area, hamburgers and fries, pick n mix bags and a cake.

But the star attraction of the celebration was an original McDonald’s playground the parents found and ordered on eBay for $5,000.

After sharing the birthday on TikTok, many described the event as “every child’s dream party”.

However, people online were quick to judge the Australian parents for “wasting money” on a first birthday their little girl Murphy will “never remember”.

“We decided to throw a McDonald’s themed party because my husband and I remembered having our parties there when we were younger and they were always fun,” Maggie told the media.

“We threw such a big party because we felt it was a huge milestone, after trying to get pregnant for over three years.

“We think it’s ok to spoil your kids sometimes even if they won’t grow up to remember it.”

The couple, from Victoria, Australia, spent around $3,000 on hosting the party in their backyard excluding the playground.

“We hired an inflatable slide, ball pit, slushie machine and infant play area for all the kids,” Maggie says.

“All the guests love it, especially the kids. The party was great. Even though Murphy was just one she really loved the big inflatable slide and ball pit.”

Partygoers were treated to hamburgers, fries and cake.

“It was a bit of a novelty to have McDonald’s at a party – but everyone ate it up straight away, except for Murphy as she’s too young to have any McDonald’s,” she says.

The couple purchased the second-hand playground on eBay.

“The McDonald’s playground was a lifesaver during lockdown when parks were closed,” she says.

After installing the playground in their backyard, the couple used a pressure washer and soap to thoroughly clean the giant slides, tube crawl climbers and pods. The parents have two daughters – Murphy, now four, and Billie, aged two. The mam decided to post a video of Murphy’s first birthday on TikTok, on November 23 this year.

The post has already received more than three million views.

Thousands praised the parents for throwing the “coolest party ever” – with many gushing their daughter Murphy was “living all of our childhood dream”.