Barnes yob fined for attempting to spit in Policeman’s face in Sunniside over disorderly behaviour

A yob has been fined after he attempted to spit in a policeman’s face in Sunniside Gardens, after officers confronted him believing he had a weapon following a spree of disorderly behaviour.

Kavan Conroy, 20, attempted to escape when confronted for his yobbish behaviour in the city centre, raising suspicions he was armed.

He was not, but Conroy, of Roseville Street, High Barnes, still did not come quietly, prosecutor Niamh Reading said.

It took officers several minutes to restrain him at 1.30pm on Friday, February 10 – and he also spat at a constable, but missed his target.

Ms Reading told the court how events unfolded on the day of Conroy’s arrest.

She said: “Officers were on duty on foot patrol when notified of a group of males causing disorder.

“They saw five men walking in the direction of West Sunniside, one was the defendant.

“The officers saw them sitting on the ground. He swore and said, ‘What you all talking about? What you want with me?’ Are you going to lock me up?’

“He attempted to make off. He was taken to the floor. There was concern that he may have a weapon.

“He was pinned to the ground and continued to swear. He spent several minutes being restrained.

“An officer says the defendant spat in his direction but missed. He was arrested.”

At South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, Conroy, who has nine previous convictions, pleaded guilty to causing harassment alarm or distress.

Annalisa Moscardini, defending, said: “He shouldn’t have used the language that he did. He’s had some difficulties in the past two years.

“He’s been homeless. He’s now in a much better place because he has somewhere to live. He’s not hanging around the city centre anymore.

“He is drinking far less than he was. He’s also being assessed for autism. It was poor behaviour but there are some underlying difficulties. He is sorry.

“He has somewhere to live which has made a difference to his life.”

District Judge Paul Currer described Conroy as displaying “very bad” and “nasty” behaviour and said he alone had provoked the unpleasant situation.

Judge Currer fined him £100, with £85 court costs and a £40 victim surcharge.