About Us

Connecting Wearside and the World, Sunderland Global Media (SGM) is an organization that lives and loves Sunderland. Born out of a passion and desire to revive the area, we were founded in late 2019. We do a variety of things, but all revolve around our goal to promote pride, rejuvenation and optimism on Wearside. This is our mission statement:

1. Informing and Keeping Sunderland Up to Date

SGM is a news and updates organization. Across our social media platforms we dedicated to providing local news and updates through Breaking News alerts, as well as any other topics of local interest. We also cover local affairs, but aim to keep our editorial position in line with what we believe is in the best interest of the area and its people.

2. Supporting the Sunderland Community

Sunderland Global Media is a community based organisation that believes in supporting its people. SGM’s vision is to back local charities and other important causes which help improve and empower people’s lives. Through our community chest scheme, we have provided donations to local charities.

3. Promoting Sunderland’s History

SGM is passionate about the history of Sunderland. We put an enormous amount of effort into studying, researching and promoting awareness of the area’s history, including down to the most fascinating details. We have produced dozens of articles about local history and facts. We already run one History foundation known as Farnton.org that is working to put Farringdon on the map where we have produced original and previously unknown research about the area.

4. Promoting Literature, Culture and Entertainment

Sunderland Global Media also work to promote local literature, culture, arts and entertainment. We not only aim to promote the work of others, but also create many works of fiction ourselves all in promoting Sunderland. Our first series: “The North Star” is an epic fantasy story currently underway, the first of its kind ever created in Sunderland, and through it we are aiming to partner with local artists and musicians to help articulate our vision.

5. Promoting Local Tourism

We have a positive and optimistic belief in our city, we believe our city has many beautiful places and is a place worth travelling to. SGM works hard to promote travel and tourism not only in and around Sunderland, but to the outside world too.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us at sunderlandgm@outlook.com