About Us

Established in 2019, Sunderland Global Media (SGM) is a news and multimedia organization dedicated to the city of the same name. Our primary goal is to cover local and regional news developments, while also promoting the city’s image and profile on the world stage.

Who funds SGM?

Sunderland Global Media is an independently owned news organization. Our funding comes exclusively from advertising revenue derived from Google, as well as that of local businesses.

What is your editorial policy?

The editorial policy of Sunderland Global Media is to promote the city while covering local and regional news with an objective, fair and insightful angle. SGM is also building a world service modelled on the BBC. In doing so, we adhere to “Sunderland Values” of honesty, humility, solidarity and progressivism.

Who is your team?

  • Anna Pavlova, News Reporter
  • Jamie Smith, SAFC and Football Reporter
  • Amy Nicholls, Food and Restaurant Critic