Businesses Are Being Warned to Look Out For Serial “Charity Pot Thief” Adam Crawford

Sunderland businesses and establishments are being warned to look out for a serial thief who has been stealing charity collection boxes throughout Wearside, including two in just 12 days.

Adam Crawford, 36 and originally from Kent, is a career criminal who has served time in prison for repeated theft of charity pots both locally and down South.

He is currently, as a document seen by SGM shows, on probation having been recently released but has repeatedly been skipping meetings.

Meanwhile, the crimes continue. On Christmas eve he was caught on CCTV stealing the charity pot from Stirk’s Steakhouse in the Broadway pub.

When confronted with the evidence on social media, Adam publicly posted on SGM’s page and admitted he had done it, but claimed it was because his “mother was suffering from cancer”- a claim later proven false.

But it didn’t end there. On January 9th, he was filmed again stealing the one from Concord Convenience store in Washington.

He is also accused of stealing from Elderly women, as well as Christmas Presents from a family in Silksworth who had previously taken pity on him, the suburb he was living at.

However, Adam has since disappeared from his Silksworth address and as the recent incident reflects, is believed to be staying somewhere in Washington.

Sunderland netizens have criticized the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for failure to deal with Adam, who despite being on probation and being caught red-handed on a crime spree, is continuing to roam free and steal from others.

Until he is back in custody, Sunderland shops, pubs and other businesses are being asked to remain vigilant, to recognize what he looks like and monitor who is entering their premises. His modus operandi is to enter into a business, appear to be subtle and then sneakily take away the charity box.

If you can, lock your pots onto a protective chain.