Cat rescued by RSCPA who was trapped in North East home and had to eat pigeons

The RSCPA rescued a cat who was trapped inside a North East home for two weeks.

The cat was not left there intentionally, but had entered an empty property only for that house to get boarded up while it was inside.

Felix, a four-year-old female, black and white cat, had been missing from her Hartlepool home for 10 days before her owner, Joanne Keir, heard a familiar cry while looking for.

Joanne followed the familiar sound to an abandoned house three doors down, and in the top window she saw her missing cat.

She said: “Felix must have been exploring inside the house and they boarded it up not realising she was inside. She’d been missing for 10 days at this point, and I just couldn’t believe it when I spotted her. I’d stopped eating, I was so stressed about her.

“I phoned the RSPCA as my last hope as I’d stopped hearing her cries and I was so worried about her. I’d be lost without Felix. It was a hard 10 days but I have her back now, that’s all that matters.”

It is believed Felix was living under a gap in the floorboards and is thought to have been eating dead pigeons to survive.

With help from the local police force RSPCA inspector Steph Baines gained access to the derelict property in Furness Street, Hartlepool, on Monday, February 12, and was able to set a cat trap with some food inside in attempts to rescue Felix.

However, ‘crafty’ Felix worked out how to outsmart the trap, taking the food and evading capture.

Steph returned to the house to check the trap multiple times over the next few days even trying a different, more sensitive trap before finally managing to catch and reunite Felix with her worried owner on Thursday February, 15 after two weeks of being missing.

Steph said: “As the house was derelict, there were lots of hiding places and we believe she was spending most of her time in the back bedroom hiding under the floorboards.

“After setting a trap and checking it for days we eventually caught her. Apart from being very hungry and dirty, she was otherwise fine and glad to be home.

“As we all strive to create a better world for every animal, happy endings like this really are the best part of the job!”