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  • The Hunting Grounds: The History of Foxy Island, Gilley Law and the Cavalier

The Hunting Grounds: The History of Foxy Island, Gilley Law and the Cavalier

Yesterday the news emerged that an application had been submitted to build 19 executive class homes and apartments on the site of what is currently the Cavalier Pub, the establishment,…

The Last Family of Old Thorney Close, And Their Involvement in the Irish Troubles

Before the modern housing area was built, Thorney Close was a manor estate which had stood since at least the Tudor times. At the top of the estate sat the…

Here’s Why Sunderland is one of the BEST Places to Live in the UK

Recently a survey by the website “ilivehere.co.uk” branded Sunderland at 36 in the “50 worst places to live in the UK”. Whilst not at the very top, the survey has…

2021 Was A Good Year For Sunderland, Here’s Why

“Another year over, a new one just begun”. As 2021 draws to a close, it’s probably another year that the world at large will be happy to see the back…

Bob the Rigger’s Christmas Turkey: A Classic Sunderland Tale

Introduction: Bob The Rigger’s Christmas Turkey is a story published in John Green’s “Tales and Ballads of Wearside” in Hendon in 1888. The book is a historic gem that allows…

The Story of the First Mayor of Sunderland- “A Thorney Close Lad”

In the 18th-19th and centuries, Sunderland was undergoing a radical transformation. Swelling from what was a small seaside village on the East, it expanded outwards rapidly into a booming industrial…