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  • The Vans We’ve All Seen Around Sunderland, But Just Who is “Big Bear Beds?”

The Vans We’ve All Seen Around Sunderland, But Just Who is “Big Bear Beds?”

There’s few people who haven’t seen this van around Sunderland. Often parked on the Durham Road, be it near McDonald’s on Farringdon or up next to where the Prospect Was,…

The Most Famous People in History to Have Visited Sunderland, Past and Present

Sunderland is far removed from the centre of political power and wealth in Britain, that being London, so we tend to appreciate it a bit more when big name come…

The Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries of Sunderland: A Guide

A Cemetery is a place where we bury and remember our dead. We often take their presence for granted given we can always identify headstones and graves, and often associate…

Tracking A History: What ever happened to Sunderland’s Tram Network?

We’ve all seen the old photos before, they bring deep memories of nostalgia and perhaps symbolic of a more glorious past. So it goes without saying that the public are…

What Was Sunderland Like in the Middle Ages? Here’s What We Know

The Middle Ages is a period which attracts a lot of public interest and imagination. We often romanticize it with imagery of knights in shining armour, castles and fancy design,…

The Grizzly Tale of the Sunderland Cholera Epidemic

It’s 2021 and we’re still battling the covid-19 pandemic. As we get vaccinated and try to keep ourselves safe, the experience of living through covid may harbour historical interest in…