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How A Sunderland Coat of Arms Inspired the US Flag

Yesterday marked the 4th of July, of which you all know is the independence day of the United States. A series of landowners in 13 colonies rejected the taxes and…

The Real Sunderland Places Featuring in the North Star

The North Star is pitched as “The greatest Sunderland saga ever told” and it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why. It’s the lucid tale of real lives in Sunderland on the…

How Would the North Star hold up against the MCU heroes?

The North Star is Sunderland’s first ever Super Hero if you will. In the new fantasy-drama series set on Wearside, Sophie Scott from Thorney Close is called to bear the…

The North Star, Chapter III: BIG Trouble up on Little Silksworth

Continued from Chapter II. “Good evening ladies and Gentlemen!” a charming voice bellowed to the crowd. “I’d say just everyone but as you know I’m not one of those gender…

The North Star: A Series Which Stares into the soul of Sunderland Life

Photograph: Crowds outside of the former Londonderry pub in Sunderland, a typical city scene during football season. If you haven’t read it of course yet, the North Star is a…

Opinion: Let’s Call the North East by its traditional name: “Bernicia”

The North East is our home, and we’re proud of it. There’s no place of course like home, and neither is the anything quite like the down to earth, friendly…