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The North Star Chapter II: Hexes, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

Continued from Chapter I: Thorney Close’s Unlikely Hero: It was a cool Friday evening on Farringdon. The wind gushed down around the aging school buildings, papered with fresh paint to…

The North Star Chapter I: Thorney Close’s Unlikely Hero

Accompanying Soundtrack: Northern Delight, Sunderland I miss you It was a crispy evening. As the sun dipped into the west, the cold wind blustered around the empty streets of Sunderland…

Explore Sunderland: A walk across the “Tunstall Belt”

The Tunstall Belt is a stretch of open green land situated in the south of the Sunderland urban area. Built largely upon the land and former railroads of the old Silksworth and…

A Proposal to Recognize Farringdon’s History

Shared from Sunderland Global Media’s project Farnton.org For the past few months, Farnton.org has been conducting research into the history of Farringdon. In doing so, we have been able to reveal and compile…

Editorial: Sunderland Council Is Bulldozing Our Green Spaces Into A Concrete Jungle- Enough is Enough

Sunderland Council are hell bent obsessed in taking what ever vacant Green Space is available in the City and carving it up for new developments. The incentive of profit is…

Roman Sunderland: What We know

The news has broke that there has been a highly significant Roman Discovery in the River Wear near North Hylton, including five ancient stone anchors, a number of coins and…