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Growing up in the North East: Do You Remember Tommy the Trumpeter?

If you grew up in the North East of England or had kids, then there was at least one summer in the past few decades where you went to South…

What is Remembrance Day All About? And Why Is it So Important?

November 11th is one of the most significant and closely adhered dates in the United Kingdom, which is known nationally as “Remembrance day” or elsewhere “Armistice Day”. Following the anniversary…

The French Onion Sellers or “Johnnies” of Sunderland, Do you Remember Them?

Long before the age of supermarkets and the mass commercialization of food, our groceries and suppliers were dominated by smaller and independent traders. Everything you bought of course was a…

From A Colliery to A Ski-Slope: The Story of Silksworth Colliery

The sun glistens over the lake and the rolling hills and trees of Silksworth park. It’s a grand open space, perhaps one of the most underrated in Sunderland. It’s almost…

The History of Roker You Never Knew

Roker is one of the most iconic locations in Sunderland, both contemporarily and historically. We know it for its fabulous seafront, park and beach, its mighty pier and of course…

The Legend of the Berwick Vampire, the North East’s Answer to Dracula

Halloween is on its way soon! It’s a spooky time where people revile in the stories of ghosts, monsters and other scary phenomena. But what about that here in the…