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  • OPINION: People Just Don’t Get Why Crowtree Leisure Centre Closed

OPINION: People Just Don’t Get Why Crowtree Leisure Centre Closed

The author submitted this piece to us but chose to remain anonymous. The piece represents their views and not necessarily SGM’s. If you have any opinions, letters or viewpoints on…

The North Star: A Series Which Stares into the soul of Sunderland Life

Photograph: Crowds outside of the former Londonderry pub in Sunderland, a typical city scene during football season. If you haven’t read it of course yet, the North Star is a…

Opinion: Let’s Call the North East by its traditional name: “Bernicia”

The North East is our home, and we’re proud of it. There’s no place of course like home, and neither is the anything quite like the down to earth, friendly…

A Proposal to Recognize Farringdon’s History

Shared from Sunderland Global Media’s project Farnton.org For the past few months, Farnton.org has been conducting research into the history of Farringdon. In doing so, we have been able to reveal and compile…

Editorial: Sunderland Council Is Bulldozing Our Green Spaces Into A Concrete Jungle- Enough is Enough

Sunderland Council are hell bent obsessed in taking what ever vacant Green Space is available in the City and carving it up for new developments. The incentive of profit is…