Consett Man jailed Four Years for sexual assault on unwell and ‘semi-conscious’ teenage girl who he gave Alcohol to

A Consett Man who sexually assaulted an unwell teenage girl and left her battling depression has been jailed for up to four years.

Kevin Bruce, carried out the assault during a spring-time gathering in County Durham when the girl was in a “semi-conscious state” after having given her alcohol.

He was found guilty after a trial.

He had been found guilty of the offence following a trial.

The court heard that Bruce, a father-of-two, was at a gathering in April, last year, when the crime was committed.

The prosecution stated that having given her drinks and possible sun-stroke, the girl became “poorly and was being sick”.

She went to recover alone, only for him then to sexually assault her

The incident has had a devastating impact on the victim, with her stating she had “became “a different person overnight” after the incident, and as well as “reclusive” and “fearful”.

She suffered from “depression” and flashbacks, the court heard, and “no longer trusts people”.

The victim added that she feels “a part of me has gone forever”.

However, the defense stated that Bruce, who had no previous convictions, stated the influence of alcohol had led him to a “deficit in thinking”, and that he had shown “remorse” for what he did, describing him as having “long-term, stable relationship” and a “responsible parent who provides for his family”.

Passing sentence, Recorder David Gordon said Bruce carried out the offence to “satisfy your own sexual desires” on a girl who was “ill”.

Bruce was jailed for four years and made subject of an indefinite restraining order.

He was also given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and will be on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.