Cost of the living crisis forcing people to make drastic actions in order to survive

Image Credit: Tierra Mallorca Via Unsplash

Census Data released last month shows changes the public has made to afford

We are living in a cost-of-living crisis and recent data from Census has shown the drastic actions people are taking because of the rising cost of living. 

Around 89% of adults in Great Britain continue to report that their cost of living has increased, equal to 46 million people in the United Kingdom. This was an increase of 32 million adults since this question was asked last in November 2021. The most common reasons reported by these adults for their cost of living were: 

  • An increase in the price of their food shop (94%)
  • An increase in gas or electricity bills (82%)
  • An increase in the price of fuel (77%)

Census used a larger pool of data to examine the different actions taken by those experiencing an increase in their cost of living and the most common lifestyle changes they have had to make as a result were: 

  • Spending less on non-essentials (Around 26 million people)
  • Using less gas and electricity in their home (Around 24 million people)
  • Cutting back on non-essential journeys in their vehicle (Around 19 million people)  
  • Cut back on spending on food and essentials (Around 16 million people)
  • Using savings to cover costs (11 million people)
  • Using more credit (six million people) 

Sunderland City Council had to put in additional support in April 2022 due to the energy price increase which includes: 

  • £400 Rebate in October to all households
  • A £150 council tax rebate in April 2022 to all households in England, Scotland and Wales for those in Bands A to D
  • A £144 million discretionary fund for councils aimed at those on low incomes who don’t qualify for help due to their council tax band 
  • From 1 April 2022 to 1 April 2023, DWP introduced a temporary change to Fuel Direct to protect claimants given unprecedented energy prices 

However, no additional support has been added even though prices are continuing to rise. However, the Sunderland City Council has named some companies and useful websites that members of the public can go to and seek advice and help during this crisis we are going through.

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