Customer says they feel “robbed” after paying £17.50 for Fish and Chips in Blackpool, is it worth it?

A Fish and Chip shop has publicly responded after a customer said they felt ‘robbed’ when they were charged £17.50 for a dine-in portion of fish and chips.

Often regarded as one of the highest rated venues places to get fish and chips, the Yorkshire Fisheries chip shop based in Blackpool is widely regarded by customers and has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor from more than 3,000 reviews.

Reviewers have described the restaurant as a ‘must visit’, with ‘great food and service’.

It is rated so fondly that it is currently the fifth best place to eat out in the seaside town on the travel website. The review site is flooded with positive reviews from customers, hailing its ‘amazing’ smoked sausage and chips, its ‘hot and fresh food’ and its excellent cleanliness.

In a recent five-star review, one person posted online: “We both had the Haddock £13 special. Fish Chips Peas Bread & Butter Cup of Tea. We had the fish lightly battered just how we like it. The food was excellent and the staff very welcoming and friendly. We will definitely be coming here again next time we are in Blackpool. I highly recommend this restaurant.”

Another reviewer commented: “Lovely sit in fish and chips on a freezing cold night. Food served piping hot with a side of funny banter from the lovely ladies who work here. Thanks very much and see you again when next in Blackpool!!”

But one reviewer claimed they felt ‘robbed’ by the price of his fish supper, even though the food was ‘good quality’

The review read: “£17.50 for fish & chips to eat in. Was supposed to be a (whopping fish) just large really! Good quality, but hell, £17.50 for fish ‘n’ chips in out of season Blackpool chippy! I Honestly feel I’ve been robbed.”

The chippy, located on Topping Street, was quick to respond to the one-star review and to defend themselves and their prices.

They reminded the customer that their prices and their overheads don’t change when there are no tourists in the off season.

They said: “I’m sorry to read that you feel that you have been robbed. As you can appreciate the cost of everything has gone up considerably and although you feel that you paid too much, I would like to assure you and anyone else reading your review that our king size is filleted to double the weight of our standard size, which the majority of our customers find to be generous.

“As regards pricing “out of season,” our prices- just like our overheads, remain the same regardless of time of year. Like so many other businesses, we are determined to ride these tough times and continue to serve high quality fish and chips with the fantastic service which so many of our customers enjoy.”

The response was praised by other customers of the popular chip shop. One person said: “Prices have risen a lot but this price seems reasonable.”

They added: “I’ve been here on numerous [occasions] and have no complaints about service and prices.”

Another said: “Seems a bargain to me. Takeaway is expensive at most chippies so to have it served with good service in a clean environment is a bonus. Fish is very expensive now so stop complaining and enjoy.”