Do you recognize these young men? Yobs with pit bull injure young woman and her small dog

A young woman and her small dog have suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a Pitbull in Red House owned by a group of yobs.

The woman, on March 9th, was walking her dog on Ribble Road, Red House when her pet was attacked by a highly aggressive Pit Bull owned by several young men, which was not on a lead.

In the attempt to rescue her dog, she was also attacked by it. Even though she was “screaming for help” while being attacked, the young men were dismissive and uncooperative

She has now provided to us the following statement:

On Thursday 9th March at around 1:40 my dog and I were attacked by what is believed to be a Pit Bill or Pit Bull mix on the patch on land between the flats on Ribble Road (Red House) and the houses of Shincliffe Avenue (Wear View). My dog has suffered serious facial injuries and in my attempt to rescue her I have also suffered injuries to my hands. These individuals with the aggressive dog were extremely uncooperative and dismissive of the incident. If you recognisev any of the individuals, please do not hesitate to message and this information will be passed onto the police to help their investigation.

A police investigation into the incident is now underway. In order to help the victim identify the young men responsible, she has been able to provide the following images: