Doxford Park woman edges closer to creating her own streamed TV Series

A Doxford Park woman is edging closer to achieving her life dream of making her own streamed television drama

Lola Louise, 23, from Doxford Park, has worked for years writing her own series, called “Monday Blues.” Set in a fictional North East of England boarding school, the drama follows the story of Maya, and is described as the “The journey of a neurodiverse teen’s self discovery.

Casting herself as the lead part, Lola has long seen her project as an expression of her own struggles on the Autistic Spectrum, and seeks in part to create awareness of it through the series.

After initially working with Sunderland based New Enterprise Studios (NES) from 2021, Lola made the decision to switch to Middlesbrough based Smoggie productions following NES’s fall into financial difficulties.

However, Lola was not to be deterred by the setback, having long been set on creation of the series as her greatest dream and to go for it no matter what. Along the way, she has also made many amateur productions with her friends as part of a YouTube channel called Visionette, that has helped her learn and grow along her journey as she develops the essential skillset to produce, write and act.

Now, thanks to producer Mark Spayne, filming looks set to begin in April, with potential distribution deals already in the works, and Lola has been able to publicly move forwards with her casting decisions, drawing from a pool of her local colleagues as well as regional actors and actresses.

The progress of Monday Blues is a reminder that dreams can come true, and it is all about the persistence, determination and resolve of your vision. While entry into the world of film and television is a challenging and competitive feat, the power always lies with the creator.