DWP benefit payment dates will change in August including Universal Credit, here’s when

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed dates for benefit payments will be adjusted to account for the August bank holiday.

Millions are set to experience changes in their benefit payments next month, according to the Department for Work and Pensions. The dates will be automatically adjusted for 12 different benefits, including:

  • Attendance AllowanceCarer’s AllowanceChild BenefitDisability Living AllowanceEmployment Support Allowance (ESA)Income SupportJobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)Pension CreditPersonal Independence Payment (PIP)State Pension

    Tax credits (such as Working Tax Credit)

    Universal Credit

Claimants whose next benefit, pension, or tax credits payment is due over the August bank holiday will find it rescheduled. For those on Universal Credit, three days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday – could potentially be affected

Payment dates for August bank holiday 2024

Due date: Friday, August 23 – you will be paid on this day as normal

Due date: Saturday, August 24 – you will be paid on Friday, August 23

Due date: Sunday, August 25 – you will be paid on Friday, August 23

Due date: Summer Bank Holiday Monday, August 26 – you will be paid on Friday, August 23

Due date: Tuesday, August 27 – you will be paid on this day as normal

While most benefits are paid on the same weekday for any particular claimant, Universal Credit is tied to a date of the month which can sometimes fall on a weekend or bank holiday when DWP and HMRC offices and jobcentres are shut. It means that any payments due on August 24, 25 or 26 will be brought forward to the 23rd instead.

Other benefits such as PIP are paid to people on a specific weekday so only August 26 payments will need to be moved. For those on a State Pension, the changes will only impact individuals whose National Insurance number ends between 00 and 19 and are normally paid on a Monday.

All rescheduled payments should be in accounts by mid-afternoon on the new dates above. If the money hasn’t arrived, check your banking app or online bank account for pending payments and if nothing is showing, then call your benefits office to report the issue before it closes for the bank holiday weekend.