Family’s outrage as Taxi firm refuses to help 91 old wheelchair bound grandmother

A local family has spoke of their heartbreak and outrage after a city taxi company failed to assist a 91 year old, wheelchair bound grandmother

The Moore family said they were attending an afternoon tea birthday celebration at Hylton Castle for their daughter’s 40th. To be in attendance was their 91 year old grandmother and her 69 year old daughter.

The grandmother, with her advanced age and having suffered a stroke earlier this year, cannot walk and is wheelchair bound. This led the family to require a taxi to get her around.

However, the taxi company in question, who will not be named, first refused the possibility of a wheelchair accessible car stating that it was not available, requiring the family to book two.

By a stroke of luck, a wheelchair accessible taxi was available in the end. But, the family stated the driver then refused to help the 91 year old grandmother saying it would be too much to get her in and out, and refused to do so arguing that if he knew beforehand he wouldn’t have taken the job.

The driver told them he would bring the dispute up with the office. After failing to find another taxi company, the grandmother’s 69 year old daughter then attempted to push her mother uphill to Hylton Castle along Wessington Way on her own. This alarming scene attracted the attention of local residents, who rushed to help them.

The family have since called out what they see as discrimination against disabilities and elderly people by Sunderland taxi companies, and feel ultimately let down by the experience. Although they thanked local people for helping them, the health of both the grandmother and her also aging daughter have been negatively impacted by the incident.