Farnton.org is Recruiting An Executive Committee, Are You Interested?

Local history group Farnton.org, otherwise known as “The Farringdon Community History” organization, is expanding its reach by recruiting a local committee in order to run and manage its affairs, with a goal of not just promoting local history but also improving the community as a whole and putting the estate “back on the map”.

Following the implementation of the area’s first blue heritage plaque in November, the group revealed an ambitious “Farringdon Masterplan” of which it seeks to expand the number of plaques up to six, whilst promoting and investing in a number of other projects.

The new committee will work as a team and take leadership in changing the area’s fortunes. Organizing events, potential fundraisers and pursuing other important community work for the good of the estate. So far, two members have been recruited, with many more slots available. With no qualifications needed other than passion and enthusiasm for Farringdon, this is a good chance to push for change and be part of an exciting new chapter in Farringdon history!

Those interested should email their application to Sunderlandgm@outlook.com