Farringdon Man Commits Suicide after being confronted and Livestreamed by Paedophile Hunters

A Farringdon man has committed suicide after he was confronted and livestreamed by a paedophile hunting group, which subsequently led to his arrest.

The man, aged 56, was the subject of a now deleted video from a North East based vigilante group, who as part of a sting operation, posed as a teenage girl, who he had willingly sent sexualized messages to.

In the 17 minute livestream video broadcast on Wednesday night, members of the group accused him of doing so with at least “ten others”.

His only defence of the incident and alleged rampant sexual messaging of underage minors was that he was “bored“.

Following the streaming, he was arrested and taken away by police, the photos of which were also published online by the respective group.

By this time, the video had already gone viral across social media and had over 40,000 views by the end of the evening.

The house, on Arundel Road, Farringdon, was subsequently attacked the following day. Neighbours said the windows were put out and that “people were around it all day”.

Late last night, the paedophile hunting group then put out a claim stating the man had committed suicide, and a police investigation is underway.