Fencehouses Man To be Sentenced For Having Hundreds of Child Abuse Images and “Horse Rape” video

A Fencehouses man is to be sentenced after being found guilty of possessing hundreds of child abuse images and video clips.

Bradley Parker, 28, of James Terrace, Fencehouses, was arrested by police in November 2020 after they raided his home.

After conducting a search, they police 646 child abuse images (aged 5-12) on his phone and I-Cloud storage, including one video of a male “having sex with a horse”.

A number of the images “shown children in distress and pain”

The images were being shared on a Telegram group, where he said he “liked” newborns and “enjoyed c***ming” over them.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck told South Tyneside Magistrates Court that Parker had “taken responsibility” for the images, that they were on his phone and that he was “not in the best mental state” at the time.

Parker subsequently pleaded guilty to “three counts of making an indecent photo, or pseudo-photo of a child” and one charge of “possessing extreme pornography”