Five Great Places to stay in Sunderland when visiting!

We stand by our assertion that Sunderland is underrated and a great place to visit. A lot of residents however, often assume that there’s nowhere to stay in the city. Of course, it isn’t loaded to the brim with hotels in the same way somewhere like London is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anywhere to choose from. Although we cannot include not yet open hotels on our list, such as the upcoming Holiday Inn in Keel Square, here’s SGM’s own recommendations on the best places to stay in Sunderland

1) The Grand Hotel, Seaburn

Hotel Type: 4-star multi facility chain hotel.

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We thought we’d go with the most obvious first. The Grand Hotel, Roker is probably the best known hotel in the city which has over time been owned by multiple reputable hotel chains, including Marriott and currently Britannia. This hotel occupies a prime seafront view directly adjacent to Seaburn Beach. It has a wide range of its own facilities including a restaurant, a fitness centre and a swimming pool.

2) The Seaburn Inn

Hotel Type: 3-star chain hotel with bar and restaurant

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The newest operating hotel in Sunderland, having opened in 2021, the Seaburn Inn is just down the road from the Grand Hotel and provides the same pristine beach seaside experience at a more modest price, with a cozier setting. We conducted a review of its roof top restaurant last year, described as where luxury and homely collide!

3) Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium of Light

Hotel Type: 4-star chain brand hotel with bar, restaurant and fitness centre

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Based directly outside of Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, the Hilton Garden Inn is a fancy choice if you are looking for convenience and high quality accommodation when visiting Sunderland during matchdays. The hotel restaurant is known as the Karbon Grill Kitchen and Bar. The Hilton Garden inn also isn’t too far away from the seafront either if you wish to visit there. It also has a “24 hour fitness centre” and whilst it lacks its own swimming pool, it is nonetheless directly next to the Sunderland Aquatic Centre too.

4) The Roker Hotel

Hotel Type: 4-star independent traditional hotel with 43 rooms, bar and restaurant

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Heading back to the Sea Front again, the Roker Hotel is a classic venue describing itself as having “the perfect location” (being less further along than the first two) and situated right next to Sunderland’s iconic south pier. The Roker Hotel is smaller yet has a much more novelty character in its design, rooms and facilities. This one is definitely worth a try if you’re seeking something more local and “original” as opposed to the chains listed above.

5) Premier inn City Centre

Hotel Type: 3-star budget hotel with bar and restaurant

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In case you fancied staying in Sunderland’s City Centre, as opposed to the Seafront, then the Premier Inn might be useful. Its location near the Sunderland Empire makes it a great place to stay if you’re attending any shows. The brand of course is known not for luxury, but for reliability, affordability and simply “getting the job done” without compromising quality. The Hotel states that its rooms are air conditioned too.