Five of the best monuments and statues in Sunderland

Bob Stokoe Statue: Stadium of Light

Placed outside of the Stadium of Light following his death. This iconic statue captures and immortalises one of the most iconic monuments in SAFC’s history as manager Bob Stokoe leaps forwards in delight to celebrate the lads’ victory in the FA Cup in 1973, 50 years ago. It has become an icon of our club’s identity.

Jack Crawford Statue: Mowbray Park

Jack Crawford was the Sunderland sailor who famously “nailed his colours to the mast” in the battle of Camperdown, ensuring the British fleet didn’t surrender and went on to win the battle. In doing so, he established his name in history as one of the city’s greatest heroes. This statue in Mowbray Park honours his legacy.

Sunderland Cenotaph: Mowbray Park

Although every city and town has its own cenotaph and war memorial, Sunderland’s Central monument in Mowbray Park is truly beautiful in its size and scope, with an angel perched on the top. Undoubtedly one of the best in the country, and well suited for a town that believes in great respect for our armed forces

Vaux Wagon: Keel Square

The newest sculpture in Sunderland, but by absolutely no means the most insignificant. Created by renowned local artist Ray Lonsdale in 2022, this beautiful monument depicts the wagon delivery of the former Vaux Brewery, across the road from Keel Square where it sits. This is a gorgeous and beautiful tribute to our local history.

Penshaw Monument

The largest and most famous monument in all Sunderland, Penshaw Monument, officially known as “The earl of Durham’s Monument” this great emulation of a Greek Pantheon temple was built in 1844 as a declaration that one day all colonies of the British Empire would achieve their independence. As this colonial message has faded, the monument has become the most steadfast icon of Sunderland.