For the Love of a Mother, may there be justice for Nikki Allen

On April 20, David Boyd will stand trial accused of the murder of Schoolgirl Nikki Allen, which occurred in 1992.

In this article, it is not possible to comment on any evidence or to draw any conclusions regarding what lies ahead.

However, there is one thing we do wish: That mother Sharon Henderson will finally get the justice and clarity she deserves and has fought for across three decades.

Sharon is probably one of the bravest and courageous people in Sunderland right now. 30 years ago she lost her young daughter in horrific circumstances, a scenario which is truly the worst nightmare for all parents.

The murder of Nikki Allen was an act of pure evil and unmitigated savagery. Whosever did this is a monster, and has been walking amongst us, free and undetected, for 30 years.

It changed Sharon’s life forever, and caused immense pain and suffering for her family. But never for one moment did she give up. She has devoted her entire life since to seeking justice for her daughter and persevering through the torment, vowing to never stop and to never rest. As she told the Chronicle in 2019:

I do what I do for Nikki. I’m so desperate to get justice for Nikki. But what I don’t want is for my daughter’s to have to live my life and fight on after I die. They have got their own children now, and I want them to have some kind of normal life. That’s why I will never stop until the day I hear a guilty verdict. I still believe that day will come.”

In her fight for justice Sharon has shown the true power of a mother’s love, which is beyond anything else, manifesting in perseverance, hope, determination and endurance throughout all the pain.

Now, she is closer to that justice than any other time, and will undoubtedly face the biggest moment of her whole life as she attends the Court. This itself will be a painful experience, but she won’t let it break her.

For the love of a mother, we can only pray that justice will be served, and this terrible saga is brought to its rightful end.