Former Adult Film Star speaks out that she has turned her life around, and advises people to make the right choices

A former Sunderland born Adult Film star has spoken to SGM about how she has turned her life around, asking for a story to be released.

The model, who was part of the infamous duo “Kit and Kat”, left the industry a number of years back and turned her life around.

Now working as a carer for a company in an undisclosed location, she now is a parent of three children, who she loves dearly.

The individual in question had gotten in touch with SGM following the posting of the “Kit and Kat: Legends of Sunderland” article last week, which detailed the unfortunate story of how her and her twin sister were led into the adult industry.

In response to that, one sister is determined to now speak out that she’s turned her life around for the better, and advises everyone to make the right choices.

After leaving the “industry”, she dedicated herself to studying at college before eventually getting her current job. However, it hasn’t been an easy experience for her.

She got a job in a school initially, but on discovering her past, she was dismissed, showing how difficult this change of course can be.

Now, she told SGM that people should always remember “to be kind” and “not to make the same choices of what happened to me”.

The moral of the story is that everyone, within reason, deserves a second chance, and barring extreme circumstances, it is not right to hold people’s naivety or mistakes during youth against them.