Ghost hunters are investigating a 19th century Villiers Street building, and want you to join them!

A local paranormal investigators group are undertaking a ghost hunt in an old Villiers Street building, and are looking for people to join them

Pitch Black Investigations, who have become well known for doing hunts in locations across Sunderland, the North East and the wider North of England, are now taking the search to 27 Villiers Street.

This building, once the site of a Synagogue and a Jewish school, was built in the 19th century. There are no formal reports of this location being haunted, so the group are breaking new ground.

The event will take place on the night of Friday 19th April, and will come with the following:

  • Group vigils
  • Lone vigils
  • Full use of our paranormal equipment
  • Spirit Box sessions
  • Option to take part in Ouija board & automatic planchette sessions.
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Crisps & biscuits

To book tickets, please see their official website here.