Great North Run Van Incident is the latest stunt in the Henry Sayers/Steve Wraith drama

The Great North Run was interrupted this afternoon after a white van entered the running course with defamatory material written on the side.

The text, targeting famous Newcastle hardman John Henry Sayers, is just the latest in a series of bizarre Stunts and incidents taking place around the North East over the past few months that have sporadically targeted him and his social circle.

To date, incidents have included an infamous pitch invasion at Dunston with a hearse, wherein defamatory leaflets were also distributed, the smashing up of Steve Wraith’s house and pouring of black paint all over it, and then the nailing of a pigs head to the door of the Horse & Coaches Pub in Birtley.

Police keep investigating these notorious stunts and arresting people, but more and more seem to pop up. It seems John really, really has managed to upset some people, leaving them bitter enough to pursue a hell bent intimidation campaign spanning the North East…

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