Guinness World Record: Sunderland-based Nigerian student breaks record

Guinness World Record: Sunderland-based Nigerian student breaks record
Sunderland-based Nigerian student breaks world record with 90-Hour portrait drawing Marathon.

A university of Sunderland Nigerian student has made an attempt to break the world record by drawing portraits for 90 hours.

Abidemi Praise Omopariola aimed to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest marathon portrait drawing, completing the feat over five days.

Abidemi said: “Achieving this goal had been a long-standing aspiration, but for various reasons, I kept postponing it.

“Despite the delays, my passion and determination never wavered. My friends kept encouraging and motivating me.

“Now that that I have finally accomplished what I set out to do, I feel a great sense of fulfilment and success.”

The 31-year-old said the journey has not only been a personal triumph but also proof that perseverance hard work, and patience pays off.

Ms. Omopariola believes the sky is her starting point, and is optimistic about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

The University of Sunderland student received substantial support from lecturers, friends, and the Nigerian community, who turned out in large numbers to show their encouragement while they await official confirmation from Guinness World Records.

Dan makaveli, Film production lecturer at the university of Sunderland and Owner Diego’s Joint CIC said: When i first heard Praise was embarking on this journey, I was like what?

“How do you concentrate for that long?”

The business owner said he was surprised and unsure how she would make it happen but decided to support her.
“When  I learned she was struggling to secure a venue, I thought the best thing to do was give out my space.

“She is a great student, and that was the least I could do to support in the way I did,” he added.

Damilola Oyeniye, one of the major organisers of Abidemi’s Guiness World Record attempt, said she has known Praise for four years, and in all those years, only good things can be spoken of Praise.

“When she came to me with this idea, I wasn’t keen because I wasn’t sure how she was going to achieve it—there was no plan whatsoever. So, I asked her to think about how we could make it work. While I gave her that assignment, I mentioned it to my team, and we thought it was a good idea to help her achieve her dreams by providing all the necessary support.
Mrs.Oyeniye, also said: “Praise does not settle for less; she is resilient too, so why not?

“I feel excited to have been part of this process. Myself and the Nigerian community are so proud of her.”

Amaka Anyanwu, student at the university of Sunderland said although she had never met Praise, she was proud of Praise’s achievements.

The 28-year old Nigerian said: “Someone posted a link to this live video on a family WhatsApp group, and I just wanted to see her in person.

“That level of concentration and perfection is unmatched. I started drawing as a child, but gave it up because I did not see any career  prospect or how I would pay my bills long-term doing this. So it means a lot to see someone else taking this far.”

Abidemi Praise Omopariola finishes a 90-hour portrait drawing