Here’s how much shoplifting has surged in Sunderland and each North East district.

New figures from the office of national statistics have revealed that shoplifting in Sunderland, as well as other areas of the North East has surged well above the national average.

This is higher than the national average for England and Wales, where the increase was 37%. This is a rise from around 315,000 crimes in 2022 to a record 430,000 offences.

In the North East, shoplifting increased from 20,586 crimes in 2022 to 29,675 in 2023. However, in some parts of the region, the rise was much steeper.

  • Sunderland, 72% increase
  • South Tyneside, 104% increase
  • County Durham, 48% increase
  • Hartlepool, 82% increase
  • Darlington, 70% increase
  • Gateshead, 39% increase
  • Newcastle, 61% increase
  • North Tyneside, 77% increase
  • Northumberland, 34% increase