Here’s one way you can get fit when you don’t have time or money to go to the gym

In an ideal world, everyone wants to be able to get fit and lose weight, but that’s easier said than done. Although we all often say to ourselves “right, that’s it I’m going to shed the pounds” life often gets in the way. We find it hard to part with the food we like to eat, but also we find it even more difficult to establish the time, effort, motivation and financial commitment to pursuing exercise.

Some people are motivated enough to regularly go to the gym, but this can be challenging for others because after a hard day’s work you just feel tired, out of it and want to relax. On the other hand, in the times we live in today, it’s also a financial commitment and people feel they cannot afford it. Often going out jogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either, especially if the weather isn’t favourable or winter is on its way.

There is however, provided you don’t live in a bungalow, one very protracted and simple way you can get physically fit and lose some weight, the answer is the art of walking up stairs as a regular and repeat means of exercise. Although this sounds silly, walking up multiple flights of stairs again and again is a strenuous cardiac exercise which if done long enough will increase your heart rate, burn calories and also increase the muscles in your legs, which will improve your ability to walk, run and jump if done consistently.

Every time you walk up a flight of stairs (defined as an average of 12 steps) you burn 2.5-5 calories. Now of course if you live in a standard British home, it is recommended you repeat this at least 19 times in a single session in ordinary for it to be effective, and then do so multiple times a day. This will help you burn up to 500 calories per day, an amount which could have an impact on your waistline or at least stopping it from growing.

If you’re at work, this can be done a bit easier. During the morning or your breaks, simply walk up the staircase of the (likely larger) building you’re in multiple times per day. If on the other hand, you’re feeling very ambitious and want a challenge, you should consider walking up the staircase of a full tower block, such as Gilley Law flats or those in the city centre, provided you can get in. In addition, try and change your mindset to believe that taking a lift upwards to somewhere is “lazy” unless of course you are physically unable to do otherwise.

Once you manage to force through stair walking exercise as a regular and daily habit, you will notice a substantial improvement in your own levels of fitness. While of course we must be honest that it’s not as effective as going to the gym, as stated above it should be appreciated that not everyone has the time, ability to commit or money to do so, but every able bodied person can build up fitness and cardiac health by climbing stairs.