Here’s what I think of Sunderland’s Ice Rink…

By anonymous

After 5 years off the ice, I couldn’t wait to get my skates back on this year. Although, there were a few delays due to Storm Arwen. It made it worth the wait. I’ve been to quite a few ice rinks in the last 10 years. Some figure skater friendly and others “YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN.” This year I went to Sunderland. This is where I went 5 years ago instead of trekking to Whitley Bay.

Oh how things have changed and probably for the better. For the first time, the ice rink was (almost) weather proof (if you don’t include the storm) it managed to keep the rain and the wind out which would have ruined the rink in previous years. There was disco lights fitted to the ceiling, making it a much better and more friendly atmosphere while skating.

We (me and my friend) went Midday, Midweek and we luckily got the whole rink to ourselves. This rink is definitely figure skater friendly and I highly recommend going at off peak times if you’d want to practice your tricks. We had a lot of fun skating and learnt new tricks like spins and the backwards skate.

There were however a few downsides. We got over 45 minutes on the ice, mainly because we went before it opened to buy our tickets. I think for the price of the tickets £10 each, 45 minutes isn’t exactly worth it. Maybe if it was for the full hour or if there were discounted tickets for off peak times like other rinks are offering? Or possibly discount for those who have their own skates? I’d decide to go back.

The ice itself wasn’t smooth, there were huge clumps of ice in places and if you catch the blade on them it can be lethal.

The staff weren’t exactly friendly either, they just stood talking the whole time or constantly watching what we were doing. It made us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Overall a mostly positive experience. I encourage you all to try it for yourselves.