Hetton man gatecrashed his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party and broke her wrist

A Hetton man gatecrashed his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party uninvited and broke her wrist.

James Robson started kicking at the victim’s head but she raised her arm to protect herself and her wrist got broke in the process.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman had been at home with friends celebrating her birthday on January 27 when Robson turned up and was let in without her knowledge.

After her guests left he became argumentative, caused damage to her television and wall by throwing items and then launched the attack.

Prosecutor Omar Ahmad told the court: “He went over to where she was on the sofa and went to kick her head.

“She raised her arm and his foot connected with her wrist instead.

“She felt immediate pain and could see her wrist appeared floppy and looked out of shape.

“She ran downstairs to her neighbour and asked them to call an ambulance.”

The court heard her wrist was confirmed to be fractured at hospital and she was given painkillers before being discharged.

Robson, 25, of York Crescent, Hetton, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and criminal damage.

Speaking to the court via video link from prison where he had been held on remand, Robson said he wanted to “deeply apologise” for his behaviour and said he was willing to engage with any help to overcome alcohol and drug issues.

He added that time in HMP Durham has made him think in a “different perspective”, allowed him to access courses and work to “better myself as a person”.

Judge Stephen Earl sentenced him to 15 months suspended for two years with programme and rehabilitation requirements.

Robson was issued with a three-year restraining order to keep him away from the woman.

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