How you can naturally beat and even reverse oncoming baldness before it’s too late

Baldness is extremely common amongst men as they age, especially in Britain where an estimated 39% of men are bald to varying degrees, a figure which only increases and perhaps inevitably with age.

For some men, it is embraced and just dealt with but for many it can surmount to a loss of self-esteem and confidence, especially if it is a gradual and excruciating process.

However, there are in fact ways that baldness can be averted without having to pay extortionate amounts of money for hair transplants, or on the other hand pay for a botched “Turkey hair” job at an untrusted clinic.

It all comes down to understanding the science behind what causes conventional “male pattern baldness” and in turn knowing the correct solutions to be able to arrest and depending on how advanced it is, even reverse the process.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness, known scientifically as androgenetic alopecia is the natural condition which gradually makes most men bald with age. For practical purposes we should distinguish this from other health related conditions or illnesses that may produce baldness, and we do not attempt to address those. They are what they are sadly and are to be understood more compassionately.

The process of male pattern baldness, starting from as young as the teens, is caused by the production of an enzyme called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is created from the regular male sex hormone testosterone. DHT serves a purpose of regulating hair growth on your scalp and the recycle of falling out and renewal. However, too much DHT has the adverse effect of placing pressure on your hair follicles and shrinking them, this leads hair to prematurely fall out and come back in a smaller and thinner form, and then eventually not at all.

Over time, this process creates male pattern baldness as hairs disappear and are not replaced, with many follicles dying altogether. This comes in a pattern, which starts at the front of the head in an “M” pattern and makes its way backwards, before eventually meeting at the crown to create a horseshoe shape which eventually hollows out the top. As we see, the hair at the sides are not effected.

How to stop and reverse male pattern baldness

Now we have established the scientific causes of Male Pattern Baldness, we are able to propose solutions to it, that solution is quite simple, to reduce the excess production of DHT  which causes it in the first place. This is in fact not as challenging as it appears.

First of all, have you ever wondered why there are less bald men in Asian countries? It is easy to attribute this to genetic factors, but it’s also dietary ones too. The answer is through the consumption of isoflavone an ingredient which is found on soy products, including soy sauce and soy milk. Isoflavones reduce the levels of DHT in the body and therefore curb the onset of male pattern baldness. This is the cheapest way to do so.

But for some, that might not be enough. The next relatively affordable way to do so is through the purchasing of the private prescription drug finasteride. This drug is not available on NHS funding and typically a three months supply costs just under £100, but it’s well worth it for the results.

Finasteride works to reduce your body’s production of DHT which effectively arrests the onset of male pattern baldness and in areas which are not fully bald, even reverses it and makes hair grow back, and there are many publicly available results of this. To see an effect requires at least six months consistent usage. The only catch however is that the effect lasts only as long as you take it, meaning once you stop using them the baldness cycle will start again. Another side effect is that it may re duce a man’s sperm production, although this is not a serious problem. Above all, this is the most effective drug to address hair loss.

So hopefully in this article you have learnt the science behind hair loss and also learnt some tools and strategies that can help mitigate it. Although we cannot offer any kind of guarantee as everyone is different, we do want to try and help for those who dislike it. While some men may shave their heads and embrace it, others may resent the process, well there is a way without having to spend ludicrous amounts of money, don’t let the baldness beat you!