SGM are now launching a business directory, which will aim to list as many businesses in Sunderland as possible with a goal of fundamentally boosting their search engine optimisation score.

Alternative to our paid single social media adverts (£10), a listing on SGM’s business directory (also £10) is not a one off post that is seen and gone, but a permanent article which will contain:

  • Your contact details
  • All information about your business as wish to display
  • Links to all your social media profiles and websites
  • A gallery of photos you wish to display
  • Any history facts, trivia or people involved
  • A right to update it as many times as you wish
  • Any customer reviews you may wish to cite

By investing in a business directory article, you will improve your business’s google ranking accordingly and add to your local reputation.

We will also create sections which will allow people to browse through the various establishments and services on offer.

To join the business directory, please contact us by either messaging our Facebook page or emailing us at