Knife Crime in the North East up 10% from 2023-2024, and nearly 50% from 2020

Knife Crime in the North East has continued to grow year upon year, with the total number of cases up 10% since 2023, and nearly 50% since 2020, statistics from Northumbria Police reveal.

The region is currently facing a knife crime epidemic, with the Northumbria Police area also ranking 9th in terms of total cases nationwide, an alarming total given it is far smaller than many in terms of population.

2020: 777
2021: 840
2022: 923
2023: 1,061
2024: 1,165

Youth upon youth knife crime has proved an exceptional problem in the region, with a number of high profile cases in the region over the past several years tragically taking the lives of the young people.

The news comes as the Knife Angel sculpture stands in Sunderland’s Keel Square, a harrowing warning and reminder of the evil and misery imposed by the use of knifes as offensive weapons.

Charities such as the Connor Brown trust are desperately doing everything they can to raise awareness and use educational to prevent young people from making the decision to carry and use knives.