Len Lowther Says He Has Received A Cease and Desist Letter Over His “Truth Truck”

Pictured: Len Lowther’s truth truck parked at McDonald’s Farringdon, April 2022.

Local Anti-Labour campaigner Len Lowther says he has received a cease and desist letter threatening legal action against him over allegations published on his “truth truck” against Council leader Graeme Miller, which he has been touring around the city.

Lowther, a retired firefighter and owner of a fish and chip shop on Roker Promenade, has been in a longstanding confrontation with Labour party representatives in Sunderland, an ordeal which worsened when he was falsely smeared by councillor Michael Essel as a “paedophile” in 2020. Essl was later forced to apologize for the slander.

Known for his sandwich billboard posters concerning the council, Len’s “truth truck” has been regularly seen around Sunderland, especially during local elections, whereby he has criticized the party for various matters. Recently, he took the truck to Miller’s own ward in Washington, as well as to around Farringdon.

The latest controversy stems around a saga pertaining to Graeme Miller’s alleged role in a housing company known as “Ashcore Homes” which Len alleges to be a conflict of interest. It is clear that Miller on the other hand, sees this as an act of defamation.

On receiving the alleged legal letter, Len posted via the “Sunderland Corruption” page that the council were attempting to silence his freedom of speech, but vowed to stand his ground on the belief that his comments were “true”.

Labour MP for Sunderland Central Julie Elliott had also pursued legal action against Lowther accusing him of harassment, but he was ultimately found not guilty and acquitted.,

4 thoughts on “Len Lowther Says He Has Received A Cease and Desist Letter Over His “Truth Truck”

  1. Let them threaten legal action, if all its stating is factual, they haven’t got a leg to stand on! Just like their other court cases. The fact that they’ve had to go down the route of Julie elliot accusing him of harassment, just shows they’re running scared.

  2. Unfortunately there is no information given in the article as to the veracity or otherwise of Lowther’s remarks; consequently there is no basis for drawing a rational conclusion as to the rights and wrongs of the case. However, given the extent of anti-Council prejudice among some residents, it may be speculated that there will be a tendency for comments to support Lowther despite him not as far as I am aware, having produced evidence to substantiate
    his claims (at least not on his so-called “truth truck”)

    1. We deliberately did not comment or speculate on the matter for legal reasons, as that could also make us accused of defamation. Here our job is to report not to take a side.

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