Man Avoids Prison after he bit and kicked policewoman in ‘horrendous’ drunken attack on Thorney Close

A man has avoided prison after kicking and biting a policewoman in a drunken attack after being arrested on Thorney Close.

Paul Darkin, 34, of Marigold Crescent, Burnmoor, had been experiencing longstanding problems with alcohol, when he attempted to force entry into a home in Toronto Road, Thorney Close.

However, a female denied him entry as he was “intoxicated”. After having become violent and threatening, the police was called, who arrested him for a breach of the peace.

On being took away by a female police officer and placed in the car, he proceeded to kick her in the groin and lay down in the car.

As officers tried to force him upright, he proceeded to spit on them and bit the female officer on her right hand, breaking the skin.

He was so aggressive to the police that upon being taken to Southwick Police Station he had to have a spit hood placed over his head.

Testifying in court, the female victim stated she suffered significant “emotional stress” because of his actions.

In court, Darkin, who already has 12 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to common assault of an emergency worker.

He was given a 12 week suspended sentence.