Man beat up his 76 year old mother, bruised her whole face, stamped on her and fractured her spine

A man beaten up and stamped on his 76 year old mother, leaving her entire face bruised and fracturing her spine.

Dylan Thompson used kicks, stamps and punches to seriously injure his mum in her own home.

He then dragged her bleeding body across the floor before leaving her in a semi-conscious state to be found by her granddaughter.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the pensioner had extensive bruising to her face and head, a fractured vertebrae and a deep cut to her leg which went down to the bone.

Thompson, 36, who has 72 previous convictions, was initially charged with GBH with intent but prosecutors accepted his guilty plea to the lesser offence of GBH and he has now been jailed for two years and six months.

The attack happened in the victim’s home in South Shields on May 21 last year. When her granddaughter found her she was semi-conscious and unable to get up. The victim told her granddaughter she had been punched, kicked and stamped on by her son

The court heard there was blood all over and it looked like she had been dragged through a passageway due to smeared blood marks. A cupboard had been cleared, exposing the entrance to the cellar.

The victim later said Thompson, of no fixed address, had been kickboxing in front of her face and then started to assault her. She appeared reluctant to get him in trouble but was fearful of him.

She was described by her granddaughter as being black and blue on her face and head and was in hospital for 19 days. Recorder Felicity Davies said images of the bruising to her head, face and neck were “shocking” and added: “The photographs of the defendant’s mother are appalling. There are very extensive bruising injuries to her face, head and neck. The granddaughter was not exaggerating when she said her grandmother was black and blue.

Vic Laffey, defending, said he was drunk and is of “limited intellect”. He added: “He is regularly taken advantage of when in the community himself. Drug and alcohol problems are a feature of his life and offending behaviour.