Man fractured skull in Ed Sheeran Stadium of Light Concert attack

A man has been jailed after he fractured someone’s skull in a vicious attack at the Ed Sheeran Concert at the Stadium of Light last year, leaving them with permanent disabilities

James Oxley, 39 from Newcastle, made the decision to attack a drunken man who was singing loudly and being disruptive to the event. His defense argued he felt “threatened.”

However, he struck him so hard and at random, that it fractured the man’s skull and led to a subdural haematoma, that is an internal bleeding of the brain. Without intervention, his victim would have died.

From the attack he has now been left with permanent disabilities including being no longer able to use his right arm. The event was also witnessed by children, who were disturbed by what they seen.

Oxley, although remorseful, was jailed for three years.