Man stolen hundreds of pounds worth of meat from Sainsbury’s

A shoplifter has been jailed after stealing hundreds of pounds worth of meat from a supermarket.

Paul Cox, of no fixed abode, admitted eight offences of shoplifting from Sainsbury’s in Chester-le-Street between January 31 and February 5.

He was arrested on February 5 and later charged. He appeared at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court the following day and was jailed for 28 weeks by magistrates.

Magistrates noted “only a custodial sentence can be justified, because the defendant has a flagrant disregard for people and their property”.

Chester-le-Street Neighbourhood Sergeant Steven Brown, of Durham Constabulary, said: “Shoplifting can have a significant impact, not just on the on shops but also the customers who witness this behaviour.

“Cox has been causing a significant nuisance within Chester-le-Street and hopefully this sends out a message that we will not tolerate it within our communities. We will take positive action to tackle the issue.”