Marley Potts Man Jailed For Abusing Multiple Partners, including ripping an earring out and burning face with Cigarette

A Marley Potts man has been jailed after a spree of violence waged against several girlfriends fuelled by drug induced paranoia.

Jake Foot, 25 of Ashwood Avenue, a regular cannabis user, entered into several relationships over the past year and believed his partners were cheating on him behind his back, leading him to subject them to horrific violence and attempts at coerced control.

Having moved in with his first girlfriend, he became jealous of her even spending time with father and existing children.

On one instance, he stabbed a door with a knife, smashed her mobile phone and in one instance grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her.

He then later burnt her face with the flick of a cigarette, as well as trashing her home.

After that relationship inevitably ended, he entered into another one, with the same results.

He proceeded to rip out her earring on one instance, and held a knife to her throat in another. He also threatened to rape her.

Described as “having a bad start in life”, he was jailed for 45 months and subject to a five year restraining order.