Memories of Sunderland: “The Badger Bus”

Badger Minibus Hire is a Sunderland company who is formally based in Pallion on the premises of the former Shipyard.

As their name suggests, they offer buses and coaches for hire which are of a black and white colour, making them metaphorically like a “Badger”.

Yet growing up in Sunderland, these buses more often than not became a common sight on a school morning as for a given period around the 2000s, they were hired to pick up special needs and disabled children from around the city.

On a typical morning, one would frequently see “The Badger Bus” with its passengers on board, some of who licked windows or made other gestures. From a child’s point of view, it became an amusing sight, and subsequently became a reference to children who were in need themselves. For example, one might say “You’re on the Badger Bus” or such.

As of 2022, the business still appears to be operating and provides coaches for hire for a variety of purposes, making it an iconic Sunderland brand above all.