The North Star is a prospective film which is set to be the first fantasy and superhero picture ever set in Sunderland and the North East of England.

The story blends local historical and mythological themes with a realist portrayal of local life in a way is captivating, relatable and thought provoking, narrating a deeper commentary on the city and its people in the process.

As of December 2022, a 97 page screenplay has been created and undergoing editing and multiple rounds of consultation, including with New Enterprise Studios in Southwick.

In addition, casting for the titular character “The North Star” or “Sophie Scott” is now underway, with SGM having received over 10 formal applications from regional based actresses.

Now, we are happy to announce provisional casting opportunities are available for other roles in the film. This will be a rolling process and there will be no specific deadlines. These include the following roles.

If you wish to apply for the audition, please send a brief introduction about yourself and any experience you may have to

Micky White (Main character)

Summary: Sidekick and colleague of Sophie. A stereotypical Sunderland “lad”. Down to earth, straight talking and confident but a nice guy overall.

Age group: 20 to late 20s

Millie Chen (Main character)

Summary: Sophie’s best friend and sidekick who with Micky follows her on her journey. She is smart, studious and dedicated. She is British born Chinese, meaning her outlook differs from other characters

Age group: 18-20s woman (Asian)

William-Parker Fulton (Main character)

Summary: Stereotype of Boris Johnson/Nigel Farage/Trump. A superficial, disingenuous upper class right wing politician presenting a definitive commentary on our times (Note: This is also a dual role which will involve a different version of the same character).

Age group: Middle aged man, but not looking old

Viviane (Main character)

Summary: A mysterious mystical woman who guides Sophie throughout her journey to become the North Star, based on the Arthurian legend Lady of the Lake.

Age group: 30-40s woman

The Redcaps (Supporting villains)

Summary: The Redcaps are monsters from Northumbrian Folklore who terrorise the main characters throughout the story on serving the main villain. There are multiple prospective positions available for this, it involves little dialogue. This role will be determined through combat skills and the ability to appear feral and intimidating. You should be tall too.

Age group: 18-30s men

Eddie Scott (Supporting character)

Summary: Sophie Scott’s downtrodden, depressed and negligent father. He’s a grumpy, cynical and disillusioned person who’s a former shipbuilder. He’s made his daughter’s life miserable in the process.

Age group: 50s man

Tony Radcliff (Supporting Villain)

Summary: Tony Radcliff is a Sunderland gangster, loan shark and criminal based in Southwick. He’s a nasty piece of work, and comes into the story through the debts Eddie Scott owes him through a gambling addiction. He’s based on a real life Sunderland criminal

Age group: 30s man

Mr. Marchant (Supporting Character)

Summary: Sophie Scott’s well meaning yet eccentric schoolteacher who is excessively enthusiastic yet sometimes oblivious to his students struggle.

Age group: 40s to 50s man

David Simm (Supporting Villain)

Summary: A corrupt police chief who subsequently targets the main character after she becomes an interference to his plans.

Age group: 40s to 50s man

Big Bertha (Supporting villain)

An obnoxious school bully who targets Sophie and Millie for her amusement. She’s rough, not very smart and unpleasant.

Age group: 18-25 female

Liam Heskett (Supporting Character)

A friend of Micky White’s who helps the main characters by providing support and information. He’s a chav sort of lad from Hendon, but his heart is in the right place.

Age group: 18-25 man

The following minor roles are also available:

A female PE teacher (30s to 40s woman)

Derek Smith, manager of a pub (40s to 50s man)

Big Kev, accomplice gangster to Tony Radcliff (30 to 40s male)

Minor police officers (30s aged men)

Minor gangsters (30-40s aged men)

Matthew James: Schoolboy abducted by the Redcaps (16-18 boy)

A Sunderland Election official (Any gender, ethnicity or age group okay)

A Television news anchor (Any gender, ethnicity or age okay providing you can mimic the BBC style)

An MI5 officer (30s man, should be able to mimic a Southerner).

Disclaimer: We tentatively reserve the right to cast who we see fit in each respective role, and may take the opportunity to make offers to actors outside of the individual audition process.