New Enterprise Studios Presents: “Monday Blues”

New Enterprise Studios CIC, a film company headquartered in Southwick, Sunderland are looking to help make a young woman’s dream come true of launching a TV pilot series, known as “Monday Blues”.

Born and raised in Sunderland, Lola Marria struggled socially from a young age, turning to her love of creative writing to escape the politics of the schoolyard. “From a young age, all I’ve ever dreamed of was to be an actress and have my own TV show”, Lola explains, (and) I always got told I couldn’t succeed because of who I am and where I come from…” 
As her writing flourished, so too did her confidence, leading to a better understanding of herself and a diagnosis of Autism.  Having originally met with NE Studios in October 2021, Lola realised it was the ideal place to create her project, and quickly set amount raising awareness about her project.  
Lola is currently seeking a flexible goal of £10,000 through online fundraising platform IndieGoGo, through whom NE Studios have previously worked in 2021 to help successfully fund Sunderland based writer and director Lee McShane with his project ‘Dark Forest’. McShane also serves as a Script Supervisor on ‘Monday Blues’. 
Working alongside Northeast Autism, Youth Employment Service and other local charities, Lola has been raising awareness of her script throughout the community, hoping it will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. A message that people can achieve the dreams they put their efforts too, regardless of their background, and using the “#ActuallyAutistic” on social media. 

New Enterprise Studios CIC is a Creative Hub for the Northeast. Specialising in several Multimedia services, they provide Videography, Photography, Editing, Journalism, Script Consultation and Development, Studio Hire, and a whole lot more. Refusing to be bound by budget, wanting to make their services as accessible as possible, NES has been created with a vision to help everyone in mind. 

NES Director and Studio Manager Wayne Madden says he is thrilled by Lola’s commitment and wishes her nothing but success; “Lola came to us originally with an idea for how to make Monday Blues and having read the script and seen the passion which flows from those pages, it was obvious to us that this is a project that needed to be made, highlighting the diversity and integrity within marginalised communities. We’re delighted to help in promoting this project where we can in the spirit of collaboration.” 

Lola expresses she is confident ‘Monday Blues’ will receive the recognition and attention it needs to make the project a reality; “If anyone could donate or share to help my dreams come true. I’d be eternally grateful.” 
In order to contribute to ‘Monday Blues’ online fund, please donate directly via IndieGoGo at the following link:  

Synopsis for ‘Monday Blues’ 
Trying to navigate the last year of school, Maya struggles with her self-image after a realisation that when she leaves, she’s going to be out in the big bad world on her own. Secrets and trauma lie within the walls of this elite school, eyes are everywhere, and they won’t miss a thing. 
Lacking support, Maya rebels and tries to sabotage her own future. A new member of the Melrose Academy faculty, Delilah Rain, attempts to form a bond with Maya to help her reconsider her actions, growing closer to the wayward teen in the process. However, Delilah has hidden intentions, all of which will be revealed.